IS 510

Siloxane water-repellent


IS 510 is used to provide greater water repellency when treating substrates such as facing brick, small concrete structures and stone in general. For marble surfaces, it is advisable to run a small test beforehand to check compatibility.

It can also be used as a protective finish for application on exterior decorative lime-based putties, such as our LS 122 or mineral wall coverings like our RF 100, RM 200 or RG 300, at least one month after applying them.

IS 510 does not affect the breathability of the surface it is applied on. It penetrates deep down into the material treated and since no film is formed, it does not change the appearance.

IS 510 is compliant with EN 1504-2:2005 (systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures), for Hydrophobic impregnation (class H), in accordance with principles 1.1 (protection against ingress, PI), 2.1 (moisture control, MC), 8.1 (increasing resistivity, IR), Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance System 4, Table ZA.2.


Can of approx. 5 l and 20 l



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