Where the professionals meet

Given its attention to constant improvement, Fassa has always been committed to training both its own operators and those working in the building sector, communicating directly on a number of levels with designers, installers, firms and dealers, together with schools. It organises technical and cultural conferences and seminars for designers and architects; installers are involved in refresher sessions on products and equipment; while dealers can participate in courses and specific meetings to train customers and their own personnel. The company also has a Mobile Training Centre. The Motorhome can travel throughout Italy as a venue for advanced training courses and demonstrations of new products. Fassa also organises lessons for students to communicate the company values to those approaching the world of work. There are also numerous guided visits to the production sites, illustrating the production and quality control methods. To improve professional skills, Fassa has set up a Training Centre in Tewkesbury. To keep up-to-date with current programmes and initiatives, visit the events section.

Collalto Training and Conference Centre
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