A natural material, the element of life

Lime is life. Fassa Bortolo, leaders in the field of mortars, plasters and premixed building products, started making this important material way back in 1710. Lime production at the company’s two sites in Spresiano (Treviso) and Montichiari (Brescia) still today represents an important investment and one strongly desired by President Paolo Fassa, so as allow the company to fulfil the needs of the entire lime market and its many industrial applications: metalworking, building, environment, glass, agriculture etc.Paolo Fassa has played a decisive role in the company’s development: aged just in his early twenties, back in the 1960s he recognised that lime production could be expanded nationwide, and during the 1970s he introduced high-performance systems for packaging and transporting lime that increase productivity, building new kilns. These investments in the structure and network of production plants are however always accompanied by constant work on product innovation and strict quality controls, from the choice of the purest raw materials to monitoring of all stages of processing. Lime still continues to play a fundamental role in the Fassa Bortolo offering, both as a component in building solutions and for the many uses it lends itself to.

Lime System