LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)


Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment is an objective method that assesses the impact of a product or service on the environment throughout its life cycle. The calculation includes the stages of preparation, production, distribution, use, recycling and finally disposal.
One of the categories considered is the production of CO². In this sense, carbon footprint represents a subset of LCA data. This is the context of Fassa’s participation in the Italian environmental impact assessment program. The assessment conducted made it possible to compare and measure the environmental impact generated by the various different production processes, measuring this in kg of CO2 equivalent so as identify the activities with the highest impact, demonstrate environmental performance as objectively as possible, offset the amount of CO2 produced and try to reduce emissions at the source. The procedure involved three main phases: starting by determining the carbon dioxide production of the products being analysed, possible measures were then defined so as to reduce, or even neutralise, emissions throughout the product life cycle. For Fassa, this assessment represented a valuable opportunity to review and optimise its production system, with the aim of bringing further improvements in terms of reducing environmental impact.

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