Award Ceremony Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture

For the first time in its history, the Italian Sustainable Architecture Award ceremony will take place in the form of a webinar.


The Prize for Sustainable Architecture, now in its fourteenth edition, conceived and promoted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara and the Fassa Bortolo Company, wants to bring attention to the need to re-examine the relationship between the building process and habitat quality through the pursuit of compatibility among economic productivity, protection of resources and environmental quality, recognizing the fundamental role of architectural works of environmental qualification, education and social promotion, as well as

the task of representing the concrete expression of cultural development and collective interests of a society.


On Thursday 1st October at 4:00 p.m., the award ceremony will be held, during which the award-winning candidates of this edition will be invited to participate, presenting their theses. This moment is seen as an important opportunity for discussion and for sharing on the issues of sustainability and the relationship between man and the environment, with a focus on the theses presented.


Further information on the finalist theses is available on the initiative's website www.premioarchitettura.it.


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