Fassacouche: Colours and Finishes

Semi-lightweight through-coloured render for protecting and decorating facades

Fassacouche, the OC2 class semi-lightweight through-coloured render which, thanks to a special formulation, developed at our own Research Centre, boasts unique and top-quality characteristics, such as a constant and homogenous mix, an excellent yield and resistance of the colours to the fading over time. 

It acts as both a base and coloured finish coat and can be used on both new and existing buildings. Fassacouche is available in 26 different shades.

Click on the desired colour to view the chromatic effect on the building.

1101E Bianchissimo
1102E Lutece
1103E Ivoire
1104E Manhattan
1105E Champagne
1106E Provence
1107E Naples
1108E Luberon

1109E Trévise
1110E Pêche
1133E Crème
* 1111E Rose de sable
1112E Caramel
1113E Istria
1114E Tuscania
* 1115E Pergamon

1117E Rognes
* 1120E Auvergne
* 1121E Sienne
* 1122E Brique
* 1124E Opal
* 1126E Grès
* 1127E Travertin
1129E Gris Perle

1130E Gris Cendre
* 1132E Pierre des Dolomites

*Colours produced on demand with a minimum order quantity of 5 tons and a 5 working days’ notice time for the production.

Application of the product must be carried out strictly in accordance with BBA Certificate 18/5486, the Certificate holder’s instructions and the relevant recommendations of BS EN 13914-1 : 2016.

Due to the nature of the raw materials used (natural sands), uniformity of colour cannot be guaranteed between different supply lots. As a result, it is recommended that all the material required to finish the job should be acquired from the same batch.

The colours shown here are purely illustrative and can vary even significantly depending on site applications conditions. We recommend that you consult our samples.




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