Rodi Garganico Marina

Final project and hydraulic analysis: Gruppo ETACONS - COTECCHIA - MEDINGEGNERIA - IZI
Working architectural project and works supervision: PIETRO CIDONIO S.p.A. - Roma
Maritime works project: Modimar Roma
Land works project: Studio di Architettura 3C + T Capolei-Cavalli
Building Company - Management of the Port: PIETRO CIDONIO S.p.A.
Plaster application: Giacovelli Costruzioni – Noci (BA)
Photographic and Historical Report: Arch. Domenico Zezza

The Rodi Garganico marina is located in the city of Rodi Garganico (Foggia), on the northern coast of the Gargano Promontory and inside the Gargano National Park.The products used on the construction site belong to the EX NOVO HISTORIC PRESERVATION line, a complete range of products made from NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime and crushed terracotta, as well as specific products for the restoration of damp masonry, the result of FASSA BORTOLO’s attention to quality.

Specifically, the products used were RINZAFFO 720, INTONACO 700 and FINITURA IDROFUGATA 756. The perimeter masonry, made from 30 cm earthquake-resistant blocks, was treated with RINZAFFO 720 to promote adhesion between the masonry and the INTONACO 700 plaster. Both the undercoat and the base coat plaster were applied by plaster sprayer. Subsequently, the walls of the various buildings were completed by applying a facing coat of FINITURA IDROFUGATA 750, a highly-breathable material. All the products applied are made from NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime, compliant with EN 459-1 and therefore suitable for both restoration work and for new constructions in accordance with green building principles.


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