Shopping Centre GrandApulia

Tecnolivel Sud S.r.l.

Pietro Cifarelli
Fassa Bortolo Agent

All the interior surfaces of the shopping centre were built using the FASSA BORTOLO SYSTEM FOR LAYING FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS. The foundations were built to thickness of 25 cm and comprise 20 cm of lightweight substrate and 5 cm of floor screed. For the construction of the first layer, CALCESTRUZZO CELLULARE was used, supplied in silos and applied at a rate of 400 kg per cubic metre. This product is used as an intermediate layer between the foundations and the final floor screed to cover all of the technical systems. The product can be used to create thick layers with a low static load and to increase the thermal insulation properties.

After drying, a covering polyethylene sheet was laid to separate the lightweight substrate from the floor screed applied on top. Following this, 5x5 cm galvanised mesh, 2 mm thick, was placed on top. Finally, the SA 500 self-levelling floor screed was cast, to a thickness of 5 cm. This cement-based product for interior floors, is used as a substrate for different floor coverings, such as wood, vinyl, linoleum, carpet and ceramic tiles. It is particularly suitable for homes, schools, gyms, offices, warehouses and in general for large indoor areas in housing and service applications.