Tagliolo Castle

Type of building: Historical/ Residential
Type of works: Renovation
Works supervisor and architectural designer: Arch. Paola Mascherini (Studio Novo)
Contractor: Società Costruzioni Novesi S.r.l.
Restoration works period: 2001-2002

The work was aimed at restoring and improving the building, and increasing its usability. This is because the Marquis Pinelli Gentile family who reside there, have for years now adopted a policy of using the property for their winemaking business, creating products that are renowned not only in Italy, but also abroad. 

As regards the actual renovations, the entire FASSA bio renovating cycle was applied: S 639 and S 650 to halfway up the walls. In some rooms, the same cycle was only applied in the parts in contact with the embankment. For the high parts of the walls, on the other hand, KB 13 bio plaster was applied, finished with S 605.



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