San Salvatore Castle

Type of building: Historical
Type of work: Restoration
Architectural designer: Ing. Filippo Giustiniani
Restoration works period: 2001 - 2002
Contractor: Coop. Diemmeci

An unmistakable landmark in the Treviso hills to the left of the river Piave, San Salvatore castle - originally belonging to the Collalto noble family - offers an imposing walled and turreted figure on the hills overlooking the town of Susegana and plains below, right down to the Venetian lagoon.

The main source of degradation of the building’s plaster was due to rising damp on the ground floor and in the basement areas, while on the remaining surfaces the existing plaster had deteriorated, or in some cases was missing, both as a result of its age and due to leaks through the roof.



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