Santa Giustina Church

Arch. Annalisa Barbieri
Architectural Design and Works Supervision

Ing. Riccardo Ulisse Padovani
Project and construction works supervision, safety

Studio Associato p.i. Weiner Pierantoni e p.i. Ivan Navarra
Project and installation works supervision

Santa Giustina Church, located in Piazza Duomo, Ravenna, was built in 1747 to plans by Gian Francesco Buonamici, one of the leading architects of the eighteenth century. The FASSA BORTOLO DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM products, certified for Green Building (ANAB-ICEA) and compliant with European Union regulations, were used to restore the interior plinth of the church, the outer walls of the twin houses and the rear of the sacristy. 

The same cycle was also applied for some of the work inside the church, where the masonry was replaced piece-by-piece at heights up to 3 metres (e.g. choir area) and on the inside walls of the sacristy, largely affected by rising damp. In the first stage, S 650 bio undercoat was applied, followed by layer of S 639 porous restoration plaster. S 605 bio finish coat was used for all the finishes.

For consolidation of the arch in the central hall, the bell tower and the carbon curbing on the roof of the apse, MB 60 mortar was used. This product was used as the base for applying the carbon sheets, and, in the bell tower, for fixing all of the steel anchors placed in the corners on the top of the belfry.



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