365 colors like the days in a year. Colours for every season, colors... that are timeless.

“365 a year of colors” is in fact the result of research conducted by expert color designers who Fassa Bortolo commissioned to create a collection that would start from typical colourings inspired by tradition - renovation, restoration and historical recovery - and then be extended to include colors that are also ideal for use in modern architecture.

*The colors illustrated digitally are only a guide because they depend on the type of electronic device they are viewed on. To choose correctly, please look at the physical color chart “365 – A YEAR OF COLORS”, available in all our retail outlets with the Fassa Bortolo ColorLife paint mixing system, or contact one of our sales staff. The color shown on the screen is just a guide to help in the choice of color and therefore cannot be used as a subject for dispute. Lastly, the feasibility of each color must also be checked against the type of product chosen.



Purple hues with a hint of amethyst, mauve and special shades as ash grey Request information