Fassa. An experience coming from afar

Fassa. An experience coming from afar

The first sign of a family member engaged in this type of work can be found in an estimate dated 1710. It is therefore an old tradition that has been renewed from generation to generation until reaching today's heights of quality, technology and respect for the environment. The respect for the environment is a theme that the company considers extremely important, scrupulously following the limits imposed by the Italian law, limits which, as is well known, are the most severe in the European Community. The brand Fassa Bortolo now identifies the company that has introduced and spread in Italy the premixed plasters based on lime and cement suitable for each kind of building intervention.

Fassa now boasts 12 production units in Italy that operate in full respect for the environment. In the production unit in Spresiano -Treviso, besides the existing facilities a new highly automated plant for premixed plasters was commissioned in January 1994. In the same production unit there are a Maerz kiln for lime production and a technologically advanced plant to produce paints and wall coatings.

The commercial branch in Bolzano delivers the materials in Alto Adige and in the western regions of Austria.
Commissioned in 1992 the factory in Mazzano -Brescia- is an important production unit serving the vast area of Lombardy together with the factory of Sala al Barro -Lecco- that started production in 2005. Thanks to the commercial branches in Mezzovico and Aclens in Switzerland FASSA products reach the Swiss market too.
Always in the province of Brescia, in Montichiari, a factory exclusively dedicated to lime production opened its doors in 2006. The daily production capacity of 500 tons is partly devoted to self-consumption and partly to the companies that use lime in their production process. This plant is able to burn alternative fuels too, such as wood scrap not containing sulphur, thus underlining the environmental awareness of the company in each of its production choices.

Also in Piedmont there are 4 production units: the factory in Moncalvo -Asti-, which was commissioned in 2001, is the first plant of FASSA group producing gypsum based materials through a complete production cycle ranging from the extraction of high quality raw gypsum from an underground quarry, using cutting-edge technologies, to the modern and highly automated rotating kilns for gypsum burning and refining; this plant is supported by the nearby located factory in Moncucco Torinese -Asti-, which was acquired in 2006. Furthermore in 2002 the factory in Bagnasco (Cuneo) became operative. This product unit is equipped with technologically advanced plants consisting of a double mixing line to obtain the maximum daily production as well as with modern systems to minimize the environmental impact. Commissioned in January 2010 the new factory of Calliano in the province of Asti is exclusively devoted to the production of plasterboards.

Commissioned in 2000 the factory in Ravenna not only stands out for its geographical position but also for some advanced technology and logistics solutions. It is in fact an important element for a medium to long term strategy, which foresees the possibility of exploiting means of transport and distribution systems which are not conventionally associated with this type of product.

Located in Tuscany, the plant of Molazzana -Lucca, which was commissioned in 2002, is supported by the warehouse in Altopascio -Lucca, an advanced logistics platform situated just 500 metres from the motorway access. It ensures an even more rapid and effective supply of goods and services to the customers of Tuscany and the eastern part of Liguria.

Based in Latium near Rome the factory of Artena was commissioned in 1988 and serves the market of central Italy together with the plant of Popoli in the province of Pescara that started production in 2003. The southern part of Italy is on the contrary served by the plant in Bitonto, in the province of Bari.

Last but not least Fassa is present since 2004 abroad too, most precisely in Portugal, with a very modern plant located in Batalha near Fatima. This is the first unit plant of Fassa group outside the Italian boundaries.