Paint System


The right colour, for every room.

The simplest choice is the most effective.
Whatever your need, the Fassa Bortolo Colour System is always the right choice. Because it includes technical solutions, and decorative solutions, for interiors and exteriors. And it is also the simplest choice, because everything is easier with Fassa Bortolo Colour System. Choose the right finishing product, immediately identify the intended use, know what binding agent it contains.
It's all there in black and white, on every package. The colour of every package defines the intended use: undercoats, finish coat paints for interiors and exteriors, finish coat plasters, decorative finishes, while binding systems are identified with letters of the alphabet. This saves you time, by choosing the right product for every need, for exteriors as well as interiors. With the same quality guaranteed by all Fassa Bortolo products.


Products used
Downloads Brochure in-living (07_15)  (PDF - 526 KB)
Depliant Paint System (06_17)  (PDF - 8 MB)
GREEN VOCation (03_2017)  (PDF - 650 KB)