AQ ONE RAPID - Adhesives

Description One-component fast-setting grey cementitious adhesive for interiors and exteriors


Use Thanks to its special formulation, AQ ONE RAPID is especially suitable for laying natural stone and artificial materials that are moderately sensitive to staining and stable to moisture on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. For light-coloured marble it is recommended to use RAPID MAXI S1 white adhesive. Ideal for reconstruction work, repairs and applications in which the spaces need to be used very soon after the work has been completed, for any purpose. Moreover, the adhesive can be used for bonding ceramic, mosaic ceramic, clinker, gres, porcelain gres and terracotta tiles on both interior and exterior walls and floors. Substrates include: lime and cement base coat plaster, gauged mortars, well cured and dry cement floor screeds, long-standing concrete floor slabs, cementitious waterproof coatings and existing floors. Gypsum or anhydrite substrates must be treated with PRIMER DG 74.
Given the perfect compatibility of the materials, it is especially suitable for use on SA 500, SV 472, SV 472 P, SR 450 or LEGEO MIX screeds, on floor screeds made using FASSACEM binder and on AQUAZIP line waterproofing products.


Supply - Special sacks with protection against moisture, approx. 20 kg


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